Radio Advertising


Radio is powerful. And with analog, satellite, and internet radio your message can reach many niche targets in local or national markets.

More individuals and businesses are using radio advertising to reach prospective customers and clients than ever before, especially with the rapid growth in satellite and internet radio. The professionals at Kol Media can help you reach millions of people locally and nationally who enjoy listening to the radio at all hours of the day and night.”

What makes radio ads more popular than any other form of advertising is that radio ads can be played across a variety of radio networks, including traditional radio, national satellite radio and Internet radio. Millions of people listen to the radio each and every day. In recent years, Internet radio has become more popular and now reaches over 70 million people per month. By using a variety of cross-marketing channels and other innovative marketing techniques, Kol Media Group can help you reach countless prospective clients and customers either locally or nationwide.

Radio advertising has also become one of the most popular forms of advertising because it offers advertisers a big return on their investment.  Radio is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach customers.  Individuals and businesses with a wide-range of advertising budgets can advertise on the radio.  Another bonus – The cost of having a radio commercial produced and aired is much less compared to other forms of broadcast advertising.

Expert Advice

Radio buying can be a challenge.  But the Pros at Kol Media consistently meet those challenges and help you avoid the pitfalls of an undisciplined buy.

People who listen to radio are on the move, and are generally action takers. Calls produced from Radio campaigns are known to convert to paying customers at some of the highest levels in the industry.  Radio puts your ad where people are when they are on the move and are most likely to buy.

But there are so many stations.  So many formats.  Which are best?  Do I need multiple stations or is 1 or 2 enough?   A common mistake is that advertisers buy many stations with similar audiences.  The end result is too much frequency against a smaller audience–that’s an annoying campaign to the people you do reach.  But the opposite is also true many times.  Radio doesn’t have the massive reach that television delivers so it may take several stations to get the proper mix of reach and frequency.  Radio buying is part art, but mostly science.  And Kol Media has the right formula.

National Radio Exposure

Most advertisers know that television can be purchased nationally.  But they never even consider national radio.

National radio advertising is an effective way to start your phones ringing or to bring new leads to your website fast. We put your commercial on top ranked radio stations that reach your demographic, and at the lowest prices!