Where we work


Where will we place your campaign?  That depends on your media needs.  Kol Media can target a city, county, DMA or the entire USA!

But no matter what your geography, we will make this promise to you:  The campaign will be well planned and executed – as well as disciplined.  Poorly planned campaigns may connect with the customer, but at what cost?  We’re experts at negotiating with broadcast, cable and network television operators.  It’s not enough to spray a message and hope.  Let us help you hit the bullseye with a successful, and cost-effective, campaign.

Capabilities and Specialties

  • Strategic Planning
  • Research
  • Production
  • Buying National and Local
  • Buying Network, Cable and Satellite
  • Direct Response and 30 Minute Infomercials
  • Interactive
  • Data Collection, Processing and Reporting
  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Development

Why Television

The power of television—the moving image on a screen (from an iPhone to HD Television to a theater), high-quality video and audio, the ability to stimulate emotion and engagement—is the most effective way to advertise. Amid a constant barrage of advertising messages, TV offers a brand the way to stand out: an exclusive spot in the middle of a TV program that draws millions of relaxed viewers waiting to be entertained. A banner ad across a webpage or a text-based ad accompanying a Google search can’t match that. And the spread of high-definition televisions has made the in-home viewing experience that much better.

Ko-Mar SmartFile Logo

We’re proud to partner with KO-MAR Productions to bring you the highest quality in video production services. Whether you’re a network producer, small agency creative director, or a “first-day-on-the-job” marketing director, their approach to video production is always the same- to make the best-looking video possible and keep the bottle of aspirin in your purse or backpack. The technology these days reads like an Einstein theorem- from 1080i HD to 2K to 4K to 3 D, they’ve done it all and better yet, they get it. At KO-MAR they understand creative direction, physical execution and most importantly DEADLINES. They look good when you look good. It’s that simple… shouldn’t it be?